Welcome to the Hong Kong Cycle Blog!

This is where we endeavour to write short and interesting accounts of the countries we are travelling through with photos and short videos. A new section will be created for each country. Please click on a country to view the blogs. Hope you enjoy them and thanks for looking. Please lave us feedback or email us if you have any queries or questions.

Many Thanks

Micheil and Jon

5 Responses to Blog

  1. stevewalls says:

    All the best for the final push guys, keep up the good work! Thank you so much for all of your efforts, look forward to hearing about it on your return!

    Best wishes
    Steve Walls
    Events Fundraising Assistant

  2. sblschool says:

    Hi Jon and Mike,
    Hope it’s going OK and you are both fit and well! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jon for the 16th.
    Here are some more words of encouragement from the students at SBL.

    Masie: It’s helpful for people who live in unwealthy countries.
    Elle: Thoughtful
    Lucy: Thoughtful, caring, helpful.
    Jade: Helpful.
    Hannah: Brave.
    Amber: Helpful to collect water for charity.
    Becky: It’s thoughtful and helpful.
    Nathan: It’s alright.
    Lewis and Will: Good idea.
    Ryan: It’s OK.
    Thomas: It looks fun and it’s for a good cause.
    Anna: It looks like it will raise a lot of money and for a good cause.

    Keep pedalling and think about the Water Aid and good luck.

    Keep going, do it for all those children that are in need of water to help them live a better life.

    Life is too short to stop so keep on pedalling. Think of the beautiful drops of water you will get, and think of the little tongues you will revive.

    Congratulations on your bike ride to Hong Kong. Hope every moment will be memorable.

    W.G: Remember this “Through endeavour to the stars”. Remember that and you’ll achieve your goal.

    Well done keep going.

    Sam: You’re doing a great thing raising a lot of money. Don’t give up!
    Ellie C.: Congratulations on helping to try to raise money. Keep it up!!!
    Oliver B: Congratulations on the journey to Hong Kong on your bike.
    George S: Congratulations on your journey to Hong Kong on your two-wheel bike.
    Kary H: Come on, you can do it. Keep it up.

    Keep going, don’t give up.
    TP: You’re doing great.
    Megan S: You can do it, don’t give up! Congratulations, you are doing so well, keep it up.

    Lily: Well done, you have done really well, I could never do it!
    Rhianna: Hope you have raised a lot of money, well done.
    Teela: Can’t believe you have gone this far, congratulations, keep it up.
    JP: Think of all the people you are helping.
    Anon: You will make Water Aid proud.
    Josh: Keep going. I know you can do it.
    Harry: Hope you have raised a lot of money. Keep going, don’t give up.
    7AT2: Never give up – keep on going.
    Keep going all the way – you can do it.
    We are so proud of you, keep going.
    Keep on going even if you’re sleepy you can do it.
    Keep going you can make it.
    Well done!
    Keep your head held high!

    Anon: Cut down on carbon pollution, get fit and healthy on your bike.
    Go on, have a laugh and raise lots of money.
    Good luck, I hope your legs don’t hurt!
    Just keep going, you can do it!!
    Good luck & keep on going
    Good luck, have fun, enjoy it, keep up the good work, don’t give up, don’t give in and so on!
    Good Luck. Hope you enjoy yourselves the whole way!
    You rule, good luck.
    Think of the people you are doing it for.
    Good luck. If you don’t do it there’s no point of it.
    Don’t give up because imagine what it will be like when you do it.
    Don’t give up, keep going. You know you can do it. We all know you can do it

    More Words of Encouragement:
    Don’t give up!
    Try your best, keep it up!
    You’re half way there keep it up!!!
    Nearly there!
    Come on you blues!
    You can do it!
    Rest when you get back. Think of the good you’re doing.

    Keep moving for the children. You only get one chance to do it so good luck. NEVER GIVE UP.
    Go for it!

  3. sblschool says:

    Good Luck, keep going, don’t give up! Chess
    Go on, you can do it. Jodie
    Good, Luck, don’t stop. Jamie
    Good luck, hope u make it. Ben
    Good luck, don’t give up. Dan
    Good luck, do not give up. Bradley H
    Good luck. Brad G
    Good Luck, hope you get there safe and safe back. Jadine C
    Good luck, hope you see lots of amazing sights. I can’t believe you’re doing this. Sarah B

    Pain is temporary…..quitting lasts forever. Love Alanah
    Good luck, well done, keep going! From Jaz
    Good Luck with your cycle to China.
    Hope you’re having a nice time. Joab
    Good luck on your journey to Hong Kong. Rhys
    Good luck on your big journey to Hong Kong. Ollie
    Save those children. Cameron
    Good luck on your journey. Chanel
    Keep pedalling to save lives. Waves of water save lives, keep on going. Carry on cycling and bring clean water to people. Lucy F
    Have sun, enjoy yourselves, good luck, think of the water aid, well done, thank you for helping, keep cycling for good. Owen
    Come on, you know you can do it. It is for a good cause. Keep going. Good luck. Rachel
    Good luck. Don’t give up, think about Water Aid. It’s an experience you will never forget. And make people proud of you. Shannon C
    Good Luck!!! Don’t stop pedalling and have fun Be extreme. Skye P
    Imagine all the praise you will get after you finish and how happy all the people will be. Josh S
    Good Luck. Think about all the people who are dying because there’s no clean water. Harry P
    Good Luck, keep on pedalling. Try your best. Think of the people that need water aid. Make the most of it, have a laugh. Really have a nice time, I will be thinking of you, try your hardest, keep up the good work. Megan C
    You’ll be a hero to all those people. So good luck, don’t give up, we’re all right behind you. Evie D
    Keep on going, Go Jon go. From Tommy

    Best of luck to you both

  4. Ondrej Bendak says:

    Unbelievable guys, You were in my working place penzion Virgo. I wish you good luck and I don´t know what to say about you, that you want something and going for it. When I was speaking with you, I had all the time goosebumps, because you said it like routinely. God with you, I´m going to finish my smoking. THANK YOU SO MUCH. God with you

  5. Hayley Zierold says:

    Hello boys!

    I just popped on to see if there were any updates on your blog…

    and your blog appears to have vanished, and country categories have appeared in the gallery section… Does this mean you are somewhere working on it at this very moment…
    How very exciting!

    Miss you both, look after each other x

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