10 Romania

Crossing the bridge into Romania was a sharp contrast to the hospitality and beauty of Serbia. With the exception of Belgrade, we had not experienced any form of begging in Serbia, and from the arrival in our first town of Romania, we were regularly hassled. There was also a strong feeling that we should keep our whit’s about us and keep a closer eye on our equipment. Adding to this, the quality of food plummeted! We did however enjoy entering new villages, where we would often end up waving at everyone as their smiles beamed at us. The children would find it very amusing to cycle alongside us for a short time if they had a bike or get us to high five us as we passed. This would always lift our spirits!

Horse and cart (25/04)

Finding places to camp in Romania was difficult owing to the flat land and close proximity of populations. We took the very easy decision to pay for cheap accommodation here, which was welcomed as during our time here we had battled a constant headwind so a roof and bed were certainly welcomed!

We had decided to make our own ways to Istanbul from Svishtov, I, Jon, crossed the border into Bulgaria made my way directly to Varna where I would spend some time with Melanie, whilst Mike made his way north to Bucharest to meet up with Hayley, his Mum and sister, Annabel.

Peoples Palace with Mother and Sister (23/4)

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