.7 Slovakia

Vienna > Bratislava 6th April

After waving off Johanna at the Danube, we spent some time trying to sort out bikes out on the side of the river. We followed the Danube cycleway all of the way to Bratislava. It was completely flat, with a strong tailwind behind us, so cycling was quite enjoyable! Entering Slovakia was quite exciting as it was my first time in Eastern Europe. It was quite strange not being able to read any signs or notices; having spent the last month in countries where we could speak the language, or at least get by, it was obvious that the real challenge would begin here! Arriving in Bratislava was straightforward as it is a very small capital, and we enjoyed expolring this new city.

Bratislava 7th April

Bratislava > nr. Komárno 8th April

After enjoying a big breakfast, we stocked up big time on food for the following two days, after finding a Tescos nearby! We got back on the Danube cycleway and were blown along by the wind at quite some pace! Stopping was cold and noisy (the wind) but cycling was warm and peaceful! The countryside here was really quite different to everything we had experienced so far. The evidence of communism was still very apparent as far as the architecture went, with old Russian style gates and functional buildings. We enjoyed a pint at the cost of 80cent in an old Tavern.

Afternoon beer in an old Slovakian Tavern (08/04)

Searching for a place to camp, we stumbled across a beautiful spot on the side of the Danube, where tree houses had been made, presumably by the locals. We cooked in one of these houses as the sun went down – definitely our best campsite yet!

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