About WaterAid

We gave a great deal of thought to which charity to support by doing our trip and decided that we would support WaterAid. It was during our Environmental Sciences degree that we first became aware of the valuable work that WaterAid undertakes and the significance of their work. Since then we have always known that WaterAid is a charity that we would like to personally contribute to.

WaterAid aim to provide sanitation and safe drinking water to some of the worlds poorest nations and by doing so are helping and encouraging their development. They work alongside the local people to provide local solutions to their water and sanitation problems with a focus on low cost technologies in order to maximise spending efficiency. There are 884 million people that still do not have access to safe drinking water in the 21st century and WaterAid are working hard to reduce this figure. Last year WaterAid reached 940,000 people with safe water and 1.24 million people with sanitation. For more information about WaterAid and the work they do, visit their website at www.wateraid.org/uk

We are very grateful to have the opportunity support such a worthy cause and hope our efforts will be long lasting.

If you would like to donate to WaterAid and show support for our trip you can donate online now through Just Giving. If you are a UK taxpayer you can also add Gift Aid to your donation, which means for every £10 donated, WaterAid will receive almost £12.

Finally 100 per cent of all donations will go directly to the charity as we are funding the trip ourselves so please donate now by clicking on the Just Giving link below.

1 Response to About WaterAid

  1. Daniel George says:

    Good Luck with your cycle ride. I hope that you meets lots of people and that you have lots of fun!!!
    Daniel George
    Wellsway School

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